Foot Bath Reviews

foot bath reviewsBefore you buy a foot bath you need to read some reviews. Not all makes and models are equal. There are some awful foot baths on the market, ones that you should avoid. Thankfully, there are some that are perfect!

Our Reviews

What Makes Our Foot Spa Reviews Different?

Our reviews are based upon a lot of research. We read up on the different makes and models and only write up reviews on the units that fit a certain criteria. They must have at least 3 out of 5 stars. The must have a low return rate. This is one of the most important factors, as a high return rate indicates a low quality product. The foot spa needs to be covered by other credible review sites. If a foot spa has all of these criteria, we then include it.

Which Products Do You Write Reviews On?

Right now, we only cover the units listed above. We are currently looking at other foot baths made by the following manufacturers:

  • Conair
  • HoMedics
  • Dr Scholls
  • Therabath
  • Pibbs
  • Cell Spa
  • FootSmart
  • Hot Spa

We plan on reviewing their products and should have more reviews written about them soon. Please bookmark this page, so you can be notified of future reviews.