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Do you need a heated foot bath? Have you seen the model from Brookstone? Brookstone is known for their quality products and this heated foot bath is just like their other products, high quality. Before we look at why you should get one, you should know that they are highly rated on Amazon.

With this Brookstone Foot Bath, you can bring the “spa”.  Many spa’s are very expensive, but you can get an amazing foot massage from this model, for a lot less.  In only a few trips to the local foot spa, you can spend more than what this model costs.  After that, you are saving money.

Features Of The Brookstone Foot Bath

  • Aqua-Jets With Heath
  • Rolling Nodes For Deep Massage
  • Over-sized Foot Tub
  • Up To 115 Degrees Of Soothing Heat
  • Maintains Temperature – No need to constantly add hot water!
  • Removable Pumice Stone

What Kind Of Reviews Does The Brookstone Foot Bath Have?

This foot bath does not have mixed reviews.  Brookstone hit a home run with this one.  Most users of this foot spa say that it is the best one they have ever used.

One user commented that it heats the water and keeps it at a constant temperature.  If you have ever used a heated foot spa, you know that they have a hard time keeping the same temperature.  This is a big plus in my book.

There are a few negative reviews about it, and one of the common complaints is that you can not put any soaps or salts into the foot bath.  For those who like to use salts and soaps might need to skip this model.  It will clog the jets, and cause them to stop working.

Several users have commented that it stopped working after only a few uses.  That it would not heat or produce bubbles.  They expected more from Brookstone.

Overall, this foot bath has more positive reviews than negative ones.  It has 3.5 stars out of 5.  Overall we think that the Brookstone Foot Bath is a buy.  You can get the best price on it here:

Foot Baths – heated foot bath

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