THE Authority On What Foot Bath Will Work Best For You

Do You Need A Home Foot Spa?

Getting yourself a good foot bath is something to consider when you spend a lot of time on your feet. This is especially important if you already have pre-existing foot conditions that make proper foot care an important part of your overall health. While some people may be used to the old notion of getting a foot tub and some epsom salts to relieve your foot pain, the options for treatment have grown substantially since then.

Picking out the kind of bath that would work best for you depends on what kind of extras you would want included with it. A regular foot basin with contours that conform to the shape of your foot is the standard sort of shape that most baths go with. From there, different sorts of foot tubs include things like a foot massager, water jets, and heaters. Additional options such as these will cost more money, but if you are going to buy a bath that you plan on using for quite awhile, it probably wouldn’t hurt to make sure it’s something that is close to the top of the line.

If you are trying to pick out a foot tub with a massager built into it, you are better off checking around for some foot bath reviews which deal with foot massagers. This is because different people have different preferences when it comes to how hard or how soft they want their foot massage to be. While most baths have an adjustable massager, some do not, and if you see a lot of reviews saying that the massager is too rough or too soft, then it would probably best to steer clear of that particular model. At the same time, if you read some good reviews about a particular model, it might be worth buying that one, especially if it has good reviews from both men and women, as this shows the bath itself feels good to nearly everyone.

Most of the better foot spas have water jets built into the foot basin itself. These water jets are sometimes adjustable for both position and force. Jets can create the sensation of a soft massage going over your feet which feels good and enhances blood flow to the area which can help alleviate pain caused by compression. Finding a good foot spa with water jets isn’t really too difficult, as they are fairly standard on most of the better models. It is important though to look at how many jets are in the basin, generally, 8 jets are going to feel a lot better than 4 jets.

Built-in heaters are one of the nicest features of a foot spa, they can help you relax, and like the water jets, the heat will increase the flow of blood to your feet, which help in making them feel better. The best foot bath would ideally have an adjustable heater that is built into the water jets, however, just a heater itself should do just fine.

They Are Great For Relaxing Your Feet

Some people want to do more than just relax their feet in a tub at the end of a hard day, this is where a detox foot bath can come in handy. What a detoxification foot bath does is it actually pulls toxins from your body through your feet using a weak electric current while your feet are underwater. This helps your body cleanse itself of toxins that naturally build up over time. This kind of bath, also known as an ionic foot bath, will make you feel cleaner and more refreshed as the toxins are released.

Because of the additional features that an ionic foot bath contains, you can expect to pay quite a bit more for one, somewhere in the range of between 3 and 4 times as much as an ordinary foot soak tub. These detox foot baths can come with some extras as well, water jets, which act as a stimulant to the muscle tissue in your feet, can be added relatively easily without affecting the performance of the detoxification process. For the most part, these ionic foot baths are usually sold as a natural detox system. There are some ionic foot spa scams out there that claim to be able to detoxify your body, but in reality, they do pretty much nothing. It is always a good idea to check out reviews for detox foot baths in order to find one that is a proven winner among customers, so that you know you aren’t throwing your money away on something that doesn’t live up to lofty claims.

They Are Great For Increasing The Circulation In Your Feet

Doctors will sometimes tell patients to buy a foot bath in order to help the circulation in your feet. By helping your blood circulate all the way down into your feet, you are actually strengthening your cardiovascular system, and keeping the muscles in your feet healthy. This can help improve your walking and any chronic foot pain that you might be experiencing.

Even if you don’t have much foot pain, investing in a bath can be enjoyable for letting yourself have a nice treat every once in awhile without having to pay money for a massage. Being on your feet all day can give you basic aches and pains in your feet. This sort of pain certainly isn’t permanent, but if you are looking to do something later in the night, having a foot spa handy to soak in for 15 minutes can help relieve pain that you might experience from just walking  or standing a lot.

If you are thinking of buying a bath for your feet, it is a great idea to shop around to see what you can find which gives you the greatest value for your money. If you are looking for something that can do it all, be prepared to spend quite a bit more than if you are looking for a basic soaking tub that only has bubbles. Having a foot spa that can give you a massage with water jets and rollers does feel great and it is something you can get for just a few extra dollars.

Foot baths used to be more common in households, however with the advent of shoe inserts that take away a lot of the strain from standing all day, there has been a declining trend in the ownership of a bath. Today however, with all of the extras that you can find on a foot bath for a reasonable price, it is really worth looking into to help relax away the pain that regular inserts can’t take away.